Schedule projects and tasks visually, using timelines.

Download Timeli

Available on the iTunes App Store, only on iPad.


Your schedule, visualized

Timelines make project planning easy. A quick glance tells you when you're working on multiple projects at once, what order they are due in, and what's coming up next.

Flick through your schedule with ease. Instead of rigid month views, Timeli uses a continuous, smoothly scrolling timeline.

Need more detail? Timeli features pinch-to-zoom, so you can quickly zoom in for the day-to-day details, and zoom out for the big picture.

Share & collaborate. Print your schedule using AirPrint, or send it over e-mail.

For when you just need the hard facts, List View gives you a list of projects that are in progress, coming up, and complete.

Tweak your schedule

Make changes to a project by interacting with the timeline itself. Simply tap a timeline to select it, and drag the start and end dates.

You can even shift the entire timeline at once. Perfect for when you need to put a project on the back-burner.

Alternately, use the Inspector to just deal with the numbers.


Tasks break a project down into manageable goals.

Tasks are simple. They are assigned a Title, Duration and Status (Active, Scheduled or Complete).

Timeli uses this data to help you keep track of the time you've scheduled for tasks versus the time scheduled for the entire project.

We don't want to impose a paradigm on you, so we designed tasks to be simple and flexible.